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The Green Studio has been a passion project of mine for well over a decade, but had first taken the form of a commercial music studio in 2015, with its existence ebbing and flowing between commercial use and personal projects ever since, and evolving within the process. The studio is located in the Norfolk countryside (NR13 region) with plenty of surrounding space and beautiful landscapes.

The Green Studio is constructed and designed with a particular method of working.
With the aim of creating a frictionless recording experience, The Green Studio is specialised in a live "off-the-floor" style of recording, and for artists/clients to have as much of their scheduled time as possible performing their pieces. In this type of practice, you be can be assured to have a great amount of quality recordings within a relatively short amount of studio time, however the studio also works brilliantly with multitrack recordings and more experimental approaches are most welcome.


LIVE ROOM:  This is the main performance area, with fully adaptable acoustic treatment to achieve a bespoke room sound. The live room features an array of instruments and amplifiers which you are welcome to use, it has heating and an air conditioner, and large enough for bands up to a 5 piece to fully set up in. The room is roughly 15ft x 10ft, with plenty of ceiling height.

CONTROL ROOM:  This is a seperate building (as seen in the floorplan in the Gallery page). The control room contains all the recording hardware, and it is where i will be stationed during recording sessions. Having the control room completely isolated gives me much greater control over the recording session, as well as discovering/troubleshooting any audio issues well before recording commences. There is also room for a couple of people to observe the recording process with me if anyone wishes. Communication between the Live and Control Room is achieved via a camera feed and talkback microphones.

KITCHEN/SNUG:  In addition to the live room and control room, there is an open plan kitchen/living room area solely dedicated to the studio for any wind down time. The living room area contains a couple of sofas, a table and chairs a TV with a NowTV box, and WiFi (if you wish to bring anything to use on the TV such as a games console, you are more than welcome).

The kitchen area is fitted with a mini cooker, microwave, induction hob and fridge, as well as tea and coffee making facilities. Tea/coffee is provided and free to have (as well as milk and sugar), also please feel free to bring any food and drink you wish.


The Green Studio is a solo venture, and all sessions will be engineered by myself. I have personally implemented every element of the studio, from the equipment and instruments, all the way down to the actual construction of the buildings. It is safe to say I live and breathe every element of the studio, and there is nobody better equipped to manage and troubleshoot any potential issues.
I have been involved in music since my late teens, performing in many bands and groups, and have been recording music for well over 10 years. I do consider myself to have a broad taste and appreciation of music and the arts in general, and i hope to provide any helpful opinions/insights if you so wish, however my predominant role in these sessions is to realise your artistic intentions, and provide the means to capture it in the most appropriate way.

Sessions consist of 5 hour or 10 hour days. I allow 30 minutes either side of the times for earlier arrivals and loading/pack down, so please feel free to make the most of that opportunity to prepare, I plan to be at the studio at least an hour before the start of each session, the doors will be open to you 30 mins before the booked studio time.


For the detailed terms and conditions in regards to schedules, payments and services, please click here.

Thank you for visiting the site, please feel free to contact if you have any questions, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Many thanks,


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