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A deposit of 20% is required to confirm bookings for the studio, and full payment can be made after the recording session is complete. The deposit is fully refundable up to 48 hours before the start of the first session. Only after full payment can the complete contents of the recording session be handed over (if requested), as well as commencement of any post production mixing/mastering work by myself.


During your booked hours, you have full control of the session. I am happy to provide any role you wish me to cover, wether that be solely as an engineer, or wether you wish to consult me for any ideas/creative input, i am happy to oblige. You will also have full control over the workflow such as when or if we take breaks, or how we set up sessions, however if you wish to consult me for any opinions on anything, i again will happily oblige. If you wish to delegate control of the sessions to myself, i will be happy to take it.


Post-recording mixing and mastering services are at a 50% discount of the advertised price for any recordings made at the studio. The advertised prices and services are based on a single song/track, any collection of multiple songs/tracks such as an EP or and album are negotiable, and negotiated price will be confirmed via email.


The package includes a full mix and master of the track, as well as 2 free additional revisions per track. These 2 revisions are at your desire once the first full mix and master has been provided, however they don't need to be claimed if you are happy with the first mix. Request of any revisions can be made at any time after the first mix/master. The first mix and master will be provided within a week of payment, and the revisions will be provided within a week of each request/payment.


Payment of these mixing and mastering services are required up front before this work commences, and if you wish to request any more revisions beyond the 2 included, extra costs are required before additional revisions are made (as stated in the advertised rates, once again 50% discounted for studio recordings)

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